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Benefits Include

Networking / Increased Visibility / Referrals

Need additional business contacts? The Green Cove Springs Business League holds monthly meetings (*and soon quarterly evening networking events) so members can meet and exchange ideas, develop business
relationships and increase their professional network. Learn more about other area businesses and the benefits and services they can provide.

If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. – Zig Ziglar

Member Directory / Social Media

Your business will be included in the GCSBL directory so that it may help your business get more traffic and customers. Directory is available online or can be printed.

Updated from Local, State and Federal Leaders

Your business will be made aware of legislative issues facing your business and our community. There’s a lot that goes on in the local, state and federal levels, too much for the average business owner to track on
their own. The GCSBL will help keep you informed about issues that could affect you; such as new business and housing developments, taxation, legalization, permitting issues and upcoming regional events.

Educational Workshops

Your business can be informed about changing trends in marketing and social media. These areas and practices seem to change on nearly a daily basis. Be a part of free “How To’s” and other learning session topics to help your business like workplace safety or taxation. You might even be interested in leading a session in your area of expertise to better position yourself as an industry expert and put you in contact with the types of people who need your business or service.

Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities

Need to engage a new target market? GCSBL sponsored events such as the Christmas Parade and Market in the Park attract attendees.

Member Discounts

Looking to increase your sales? GCSBL members can take advantage of our Member Discount program that offers exclusive discounts to member organizations. Learn more about how to offer a discount to GCSBL
members and drive business to your company.

Individual / EntrepreneurSmall BusinessCorporate
Annual Membership Dues$50$100$150
Free member lunch(s) provided123
Marketing on Website* Business name
* Contact info
* Logo
* Facebook Link
* Business name
* Contact info
* Logo
* Facebook Link
* 1 Facebook mention on GCSBL Facebook page
* Business name
* Contact info
* Logo
* Facebook Link
* Link to website
* 2 Facebook mentions on GCSBL Facebook page
Business Visibility and Networking OpportunitiesAbility to mention events member is hosting and discounts for GCSBL members at monthly GCSBL meetingAbility to mention events member is hosting and discounts for GCSBL members at monthly GCSBL meeting * Ability to mention events member is hosting and discounts for GCSBL members at monthly GCSBL meeting
* 1 Business event can be shared to the GCSBL via our email distribution list

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